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Thank you for your interest in donating to the Destined for More Women’s Network! Our number one goal is to help women to achieve financial abundance, mental wholeness and spiritual overflow! Your donation helps to make this goal a reality! To donate, please click the following link and someone from our team will contact you with payment options.

Lady Rolania Usher

Founder/CEO/Programming Director

Our CEO is the leader of the organization, establishing a holistic vision that is achieved through the efforts of a diverse team of high-performing leaders, staff and volunteers alike. The CEO is responsible for effectively managing the overall Network’s operations. The CEO is the Chief Mobilizer; she leverages the power of relationships and networks, and works across private, public and corporate sectors to improve conditions in the lives of the women we serve. Our CEO possesses a high level of broad business and management skills and is effective at generating resources and support for the network. Our CEO is the steward of the brand and understands her role in growing and protecting the reputation of the Destined for More Network. Our CEO is also responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and projects. She ensures that programs are delivered on time, within budget, and according to quality standards.

Lady Rolania Lee Usher’s Short Bio

Pastor Rolania Lee Usher is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and is the wife of Bishop Edgar Usher. Rolania is the owner of R&L Heroes Enterprises, which serves as the umbrella company for five additional businesses located in Dayton, Ohio. She is also currently a partner with Amazon, where she manages a ten million dollar plus annual contract and franchisee with Kiddie Academy. Pastor Rolania received her BA in Public Administration from Evergreen State College. She is currently enrolled in Jack Welch’s Executive MBA program with Strayer University, where she is planning to graduate next year. She is an accomplished and motivated administrator with exceptional interpersonal, analytical, organizational and problem-solving skills.

Pastor Rolania is also the Executive Pastor at Deliverance Temple Ministries in Dayton, Ohio. She is an ordained Pastor with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and serves as the General Secretary for the Puerto Rico District Council. She also served as Special Projects Administrator at Bethesda Temple Apostolic Church, under the leadership of Bishop Craig S. High. Pastor Rolania’s lifelong dream is to start a nonprofit organization that helps to restore foster children.

Pastor Rolania lives and breathes events! With over two decades of experience in event planning and management, she plans and executes meetings with seasoned expertise, efficiency, and focused creativity. She has strategically planned and coordinated events ranging from high-profile events and conferences to nonprofit fundraisers, grand opening celebrations, religious events and corporate events. She is the founder and CEO of Destined For More Women’s Network, where she is working to build a nexus of talented, successful and purpose driven women through empowerment conferences and on-going capacity building opportunities.

Ayonda Hayden

Business Development Coordinator (BDC)

Our Business Development Coordinator assists in the surveying, marketing, and recruitment of local entrepreneurs and builds a network of business expertise in order to assist with the development of needed and relevant programming for prospective and current business owners. The BDC acts as a liaison between established entrepreneurs and business partners to support the continued growth and development of successful businesses within the kingdom of God and community at large.

Ayonda L. Hayden’s
Ayonda Hayden is a stylist and owner of Ayonda’s Oasis Beauty Salon, located in Dayton, Ohio. She graduated from Carousel Beauty College, at the downtown Dayton location, in 1995 and was licensed the same year. She has worked in three salons before embarking on the journey of starting her own salon and has worked in the industry for over thirty years. With the help of her husband, Willie E. Hayden, Ayonda was able to purchase her own brick and mortar, which would eventually become Ayonda’s Oasis Beauty Salon. She is coming on board the network as an accomplished business owner of twenty-two years and is looking forward to assisting other women in their business goals.

Lawrensa Saucer

Vendors Management Director

Our Vendors Management Directors recruit, secure and manage vendors. The directors are expected to develop effective processes for vendors; including the securing and negotiating of business contracts, management of goods and services contracted and provided by vendors and following up. Our directors assist vendors with registration, set up and tear down instructions and other pertinent information.

Lawrensa Saucer’s Short Bio
Lawrensa Saucer is a devoted mother, wife, leader and servant to the body of Christ at Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, located in Dayton, Ohio. She has twenty-one years serving in various auxiliaries and ministries, all of which prepared her for her current assignment as a First Lady. Lawrensa has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Applied Science and is a Physical Therapist Assistant at Kettering Health Network. Lawrensa is also a Certified Etiquette Consultant and founder of Redefining You School of Etiquette. She’s passionate about the well-being of women and young women. She leads her women’s ministry and young lady’s ministry, recently renamed RICH Girls. She is glad to serve alongside some dynamic women of God and excited to see how Destined for More will impact the world.

Kiara Williams

Chief Editor and Director of Publication

Our Chief Editor and Director of Publication oversees the development of content of all publications for the network; ensuring that the look, feel and tone of all publications reflect the vision and mission of the network. She assists the CEO and Chief of Staff in making decisions about documents that need to be developed, edited and updated. The Chief Editor is responsible for writing and developing program content; including but not limited to digital and print marketing materials, descriptions for conference sessions, symposiums, workshops and intensives. She serves as the chief editor for all communications distributed regarding network affairs and works in coordination with the marketing director to maintain consistent and appropriate brand messaging.

Kiara Williams’ Short Bio
Kiara Williams is a well respected and purpose driven educational leader in the Dayton area, holding a Master of Education degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and holds a classroom teacher license. She has studied school and organizational leadership at Wright State University, where she also earned an Ohio school administrator license. She has worked and served in several local school districts in different teaching and administrative capacities for over twenty years. Her work includes but is not limited to facilitating and designing professional learning, curriculum and instructional design, strategic planning and school turnaround efforts, and organizational systems capacity work. Kiara teaches in the Christian Education Department at her church and supports the social media ministry. She and her husband have recently started their own home based travel business, KWE Travel, and both work within the community in many other ways. It is with great pleasure that she is able to serve in this capacity with the prospect of empowering women as God allows according to His will.

Tonya Barnes

Sunrise Prayer Director

Our Sunrise Prayer director is responsible for developing and managing our sunrise prayer events. Our first Sunrise Prayer event will be held on Thursday and Friday of the Destined for More Conference. Directors will assist with the overall programming of Sunrise Prayers.

Tonya Barnes’ Short Bio
Tonya Barnes is the wife of Pastor Julius Barnes. Together they serve the people of God and throughout the community. Tonya Barnes is a licensed social worker and mental health specialist, and she provides support counseling to families going through the end of life process with their loved ones at Hospice of Dayton. Over the years, Tonya has built a strong rapport with the children and families she serves and has done this with expert care that is trauma informed. She provides life changing mentorship, intercessory prayer and other ‘wrap around’ services to those who God assigns to her. She is also a faithful member and prayer warrior for Doves’ Cry, Women Helping Women Group, and has approached every opportunity with the spirit of love and heartfelt desire to see women overcome their bondages. Tonya is truly dedicated to helping people heal through the power of prayer and is ready to help usher in the presence of God for all DFM Network endeavors and events!

Mother Joan Williams

Network Intercessor Director

Our Intercessor Director is responsible for leading the network in prayer. She is also responsible for keeping Destined for More’s petitions before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and actively praying for great success.

Our Sunrise Prayer director is responsible for developing and managing our sunrise prayer events. Our first Sunrise Prayer event will be held on Thursday and Friday of the Destined for More Conference. Directors will assist with the overall programming of Sunrise Prayers.

Mother Joan Williams’ Short Bio
Network Intercessor and Sunrise Prayer Director

Joan Williams is serving in the DFM Network as the Intercessor and Prayer Director, following years of service in preparing the way for kingdom work as the spirit of God leads her. ‘Mother Joan Williams’ divine assignments have included traveling overseas doing missionary work and revivals, faithfully facilitating noonday prayer at her home church, Deliverance Temple of Dayton, Ohio, and working as the prayer coordinator for “Women of Purpose” for ten years. Mother Joan is a graduate of Central State University and has completed other certificated programs at Xavier College and Wright State University while pursuing excellence in education. She is a retired Dayton Public Schools teacher, with thirty years of her life dedicated to providing her children and her colleagues with the highest standard of learning and compassionate care through daily prayer.

Twana Alexander

Network Treasurer/ Registrar

Our Treasurer oversees all financial transactions and fundraising efforts. The Treasurer’s duties include budget planning, financial reporting, record-keeping, and managing incoming and outgoing funds. The Treasurer oversees the general financial management of the network. She keeps track of budgets within the network, provides financial reports regularly, collects, deposits, and keeps track of funds. The treasurer also completes payments and controls expenses by receiving payments, plus processing, verifying and reconciling invoices. The Treasurer is a financial watchdog, ensuring the protection of the network funds. She also helps with fund-raising efforts to better the network’s financial state.

Our Registrar oversees the registration process, in person and online, as well as payments, name badges, and the set-up of on-site registration. The registrar offers guidance in establishing the registration process and provides input into marketing materials offered at the event. The registrar also helps to ensure the registration table is set up properly, including any forms or marketing materials approved by the Network. She ensures the table is maintained, visible and accessible to all guests.

Twana Alexander’s Short Bio
Twana Alexander joins the DFM network with many years of experience in the church and currently serves as the church treasurer at Deliverance Temple Ministries. She is devoted to learning and valuing the teachings of the Lord. As she has continued her journey through life, she has also developed a love for quality time with her family.

Twana holds a Master degree in Business with Emphasis on Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s degree in Computer Technology. Her career path has mostly involved working for Premier Health for the past twenty-six years servicing the Revenue Cycle Management Team. She is exhilarated by a sense of purpose in the expectation of how the Lord is going to pour into and elevate our sisters during this anointed and appointed season.

Erica Gist

Women’s Empowerment Director

The Women’s Empowerment Director will assist the CEO and other network staff with accomplishing the vision by using an on-going review process of programming extended to all women participating in DFM events and growth opportunities. The DFM Network strives to meet each and every woman where they are in order to support them in reaching their destiny. The Empowerment Director will work as a resource agent between conference guests and established community partners and programs in order to support the vision.

Erica Gist’s Short Bio
Erica Gist is an innovator, visionary, and ultimate life saver. She comes to DFM Network with experience in program and curriculum development, administrative leadership, project management and execution. She is a master life coach, a dynamic speaker and anti-bullying, suicide prevention specialist. Erica’s purpose and passion is saving lives as God once saved her. She is an overcomer and a true vessel of God’s love. She is the founder of The Detour Program Inc. 501c3, dedicated to family sustainability and reducing the amount of families affected by bullying and suicide. Erica looks forward to serving with the DFM Network, using her gifts to glorify God.

Chrystaline Tinell Glenn

Marketing / Vendor Management Director

Our Director of Marketing oversees marketing for the Network. Our marketing director assists with the development of marketing materials. She ensures all marketing materials are readily available and events are advertised on all social media and free platforms. The Director of Marketing is our Brand Ambassador. She works collaboratively with the chief editor to ensure that all marketing efforts accurately reflect the network’s core message and tone and are delivered in a polished and timely manner. She grows and maintains strong partnerships in the community that increase the Network’s brand awareness and impact.

Our Vendors Management Directors recruit, secure and manage vendors. The directors are expected to develop effective processes for vendors; including the securing and negotiating of business contracts, management of goods and services contracted and provided by vendors and following up. Our directors assist vendors with registration, set up and tear down instructions and other pertinent information.

Chrystaline Tinell Glenn’s Short Bio
Chrystaline has over twenty years of experience in network marketing, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education from International University of Grace and Truth. She has organized many events in her community and churches and has experience in the area of network marketing and public relations through establishing and maintaining positive working relationships for entities and organizations she serves. Chrystaline has just recently received the Excellence in Early Childhood Education Award from Preschool Promise for her dedication to providing high quality care to our community’s children. Chrystaline’s talents also include pouring creativity and passion into anything she sets her mind to do and doing it all in the spirit of excellence! She has a love for the community and demonstrates this through taking the time to develop relationships with everyone that she meets; never meeting a stranger. She is excited about her future endeavors uplifting and supporting within her role as marketing and vendor management director for Destined for More Women’s Network.

Renita Weaver

Hospitality/Ushers Director

Our Hospitality Director serves to ensure that every person entering the building is greeted and offered directional and seating assistance in order to make sure everyone feels important and welcomed. The Hospitality Director is responsible for the recruitment, training, and management of her team. - all events covered as needed

Renita Weaver’s Short Bio
Renita Weaver has been an Ohioan and early childhood educator for over twenty years, serving our youth through her faith and using her gifts in hospitality and education. Renita not only possesses the skill and talent to nurture and build small minds but has also grown to become a successful business owner as founder and CEO of Nita’s Nurturing Nest. Renita serves her church’s community outreach ministry through prison ministry, hospitality ministry, and the drug and alcohol rehab ministry. Renita’s whole life’s purpose has been built on her strong commitment to her faith while working to impart in others a sense of belonging, empowerment and faith in any way she can. She is ready to help those destined for more through these same principles.

Beatrice Keeton

Network Secretary/ Adjutants and Security Director

Our secretary’s position has wide-ranging responsibilities. The secretary is an active conduit for communication by giving proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes. Additionally, the secretary should be knowledgeable of the organization’s records and related materials, providing advice and resources to the CEO and directors on topics such as governance issues, amendments to the state laws, and the like, that will assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary duties. As the custodian of the network’s records, the secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate documentation and meeting any legal requirements such as annual filing deadlines. The secretary is responsible for reviewing and updating documents as necessary and ensuring all documents are safely stored and readily accessible.

The Director of Adjutants and Security is responsible for overseeing a team of adjutants that assist our special guest with excellence. Adjutants assist by serving as point of contact, being an escort, praying for or with special guests. Adjutants also serve as assistants. The Director of Adjutants is responsible for recruitment and management of this team.

Beatrice Keeton’s Short Bio
Beatrice Keeton has a passion for assisting people in pinpointing their purpose and empowering them with the tools to be the best version of themselves. She is a proud graduate of Spelman College in which she majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology. She went on to attend the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Dayton. Beatrice graduated with a Master’s in Mental Health Social Work from the University of Cincinnati. She has held many leadership roles in which she developed curriculum, established programs and built teams. Beatrice is currently working in a high school setting with at-risk youth, where she teaches micro-credentials consisting of resiliency, initiative and collaboration. She serves on multiple boards in the community as chair and secretary and has served as Youth Leader at her church, wrapping herself around many young men and women and supporting them in their journey towards salvation. Beatrice embodies one of her favorite sayings… “I am the eye of the storm,” because no matter how hectic things get, there is always calm in the midst.

She is the light that shines bright in any environment she enters and is grateful to God for being amazing in her life. Beatrice is excited to serve on the DFM team to pour into the women who are Destined for More!

Angela Johnson

Assistant to the Founder/CEO/Programming

Our Assistant to the CEO is responsible for providing comprehensive administrative support to the CEO and managing the organization’s office operation. The Assistant may also provide administrative support to the Network as directed by the CEO. This dynamic position requires the ability to anticipate needs, think critically, and offer solutions to problems with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Angela M. Johnson’s Short Bio
Angela M. Johnson, known to many as “Angie”, was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She attended Dayton Public Schools and graduated from John H. Patterson High School with Honors. Angela has worked in Church Administration for over fifteen years. She is currently the Church Administrator at Deliverance Temple Ministry. She is also a Personal Assistant at R&L Hero Enterprises.

Angela loves serving God’s people and advancing the Kingdom of God. She has been blessed with sustained life through her battle with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. The doctors told her she would not make it another six months without a double lung transplant. However, God had a different plan for her and has sustained her life for more than thirty years. She is the proud parent of an adult son and three grandchildren.

Khalilah Forte

Chief of Staff/Music Arts and Worship Liaison

Our Chief of Staff provides support to the work of the CEO, ensuring accurate and timely preparation, coordination, and follow-up and overseeing all aspects of operations for the network; specifically in following areas: the arts, worship, audio/visual. The Chief of Staff undertakes priority projects as assigned by the CEO, such as but not limited to negotiating and managing all contractual agreements with business partners for all network events and working most effectively with all internal and external stakeholders. The Chief of Staff acts as a point of contact or gatekeeper between the CEO and other stakeholders, volunteers, and community members. Additionally, the Chief of Staff may act as an advisor to the CEO; responsible for assisting with management of the network at large.

This is a highly strategic and facilitative role that requires a combination of focus, flexibility, and interpersonal savviness. The role requires a highly resourceful individual with strong emotional intelligence, motivation, and analytical skills.

Khalilah Forte’s Short Bio
Khalilah joins the DFM Network with over ten years of executive administration, organizational leadership, training and development experience. Khalilah’s talents, skill set, and innovative thinking has favored her to work with some of Gospel music’s greats to execute workshops, conferences, and seminars. She holds a bachelor's degree in business from Central State University and a master’s degree in human resource management from Devry University. She has spent the last 10 years teaching workforce development, upskilling, teaching, and molding her students on how to brand themselves to obtain sustainable liveable wages. Khalilah along with her husband and 5 children attend Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. Khalilah sits on several community boards and has a passion for education beyond the post-secondary years. Khalilah is passionate about her service to God, her church, her community, and her family. Khalilah is excited to serve, willing to lead and humbled to assist during this assignment that will empower, uplift and support those who are Destined for More!